It is very common to see laser hair removal being sold per area. However, there is sometimes a hidden menu for laser hair removal that give patients additional savings. This is what is known as the 30 minute session. Clinics that offer this treatment option usually have newer and quicker equipment. The majority of patients that purchase the 30 minute session can expect to treat 2-3 areas within that one appointment. If ends up saving some money compared to purchasing them one at a time. Did you know?

Peach Skin Clinic is currently offering a promotion on their 30 minute session at the Tucson location. For the month of June and July, they are offering $30 off the 30 minute sessions. This ends up costing $79, which is a very good deal. You can call them at the number below for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Peach Skin Clinic in Tucson - (520) 729-2060

AuthorOscar Bueno