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IPL & Photofacial

Laser treatments for dark spots

Peach offers popular IPL and Photofacial procedures at just $100 per session for new patients and members. IPL and photofacial information and pricing.  

Active Acne

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*Results may vary. 

We offer unique laser treatments to help remove the bacteria causing active acne and inflammation. Learn more about laser for active active here. 

Laser Hair Removal

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We offer laser hair removal services at an affordable price for men and women. Laser hair removal information and pricing.                      

Hormone Therapy for Women

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Replenishment of hormones to optimal, physiological levels (not exceeding normal limits) has been shown to alleviate these age-related changes. Learn more about hormone therapy for women here. 

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation Treeatments

FemTouch is an innovative laser treatment to women rejuvenate the vagina. Benefits and pricing on vaginal rejuvenation.                        

Redness & Rosacea

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*Results may vary. 

Rosacea is a skin condition characterized by chronic redness, broken capillaries, and thickening of the skin on the nose and cheeks. Peach offers laser treatments to help patients with rosacea. Learn more about rosacea treatments here. 


About Peach Medical Group

Peach Medical Group offers a wide range of cosmetic laser services. Since 2009, our medical group has offered clinical treatments including: laser hair removal, IPL, photofacial treatment, spider vein removal, acne scar revision, and more. 

In Yuma

Our facility in Yuma is just off bustling 4th ave, in the heart of Yuma. Here you’ll find our friendly administrative staff Adriana and Jesus as well as the Medical Director Maria Bueno and her staff of warm and caring nurses including Missy, Obdulia and certified laser technician Rana. For over 8 years, this facility has been serving the Yuma area and our seasonal snow bird friends with effective, non-invasive cosmetic procedures as well as other health and wellness services and products.

In Tucson

The clinic is conveniently located off of Grant Road and Rosemont Boulevard. Inside a medical park just across from the TMC hospital you’ll find our Rosemont facility . Here is where you can find our detail-oriented and talented group of aesthetician-laser technicians, registered nurses and nurse practitioners. For precise and professional cosmetic laser services, this facility is also a hub for our licensing and training programs approved by the state as an official training institute for cosmetic laser certification.

In Oro Valley

Our newest facility in Oro Valley is home to the newest in cosmetic laser technology. The FemTouch and CO2 laser are operated by our specialist in OBGYN, RN Melisa. Treatments for vaginal rejuvenation, stretch marks and deep facial resurfacing are performed on this laser. We also have our laser technicians who travel between locations Serena and Nichoal providing our very popular laser hair removal services and aesthetics. Behind a backdrop of the beautiful Catalina mountains, patients enter our bight and welcoming offices conveniently located off of one of the main veins of the city, North Oracle Rd at Magee Rd.