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We are a group of health professionals dedicated to improving patient skin health through the use of laser technologies.

Safe and effective treatments

Our clinic offers safe, effective, and convenient laser treatments to help patients resolve their skin concerns or skin conditions. The safest, most convenient treatments. The best results. Period. We provide fast, long-lasting laser hair removal, super effective skin rejuvenation, incredibly powerful wrinkle treatments, and hormone therapy for a healthier, happier you.

Clinical results in a clinical setting.

Your skin is important and it's important to us. This is why our services are offered in a clinical setting and why our providers undergo extensive training. Your procedures and your results are a priority to us. Because each Peach location is managed by a dedicated nurse practitioner, from the top down our team is focused on helping you achieve the most amazing results possible—safer, faster, and more affordably than you’re used to.

Meet our health professionals

We are a group of health professionals dedicated to improving patient skin and health through the use of laser technologies.

Maria Bueno, NP

Maria Bueno, NP is Chief Medical Officer of Peach Medical Group. She brings over 30 years of aesthetic medicine experience and an individualized approach to her patients. Maria Bueno, NP has achieved her expertise through extensive training from Worldlink Medical, the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association, and the American Academy of Medical Esthetic Professionals.

Lisa Little, RN

Lisa is a Registered Nurse (RN) at Peach Medical Group. Lisa comes to Peach with over 10 years of nursing experience as a RN beginning within the hospital as Medical Social Worker and presently concurrently works as a Labor & Delivery RN. With her background in Public Health, Lisa uses her skills to effectively assess and listen to patient’s concerns to treat not only aesthetic appeal, but wholistic well-being. Her interest in Aesthetic medicine lies in her strong desire to help her patients confidently conquer each day with inner beauty by maintaining their desired youthfulness.

Adriana Rubio, RN

Adriana J. Rubio, RN, B.S.N. has been a Registered Nurse since 2014, she holds a certification to execute cosmetic laser services, and is trained in performing various treatments such as IPL treatments, CIT treatments, in addition to cosmetic injectables. Adriana appreciates the art and diversity in nursing and holds a desire to provide the highest quality care and outcomes for her patients.


What treatments do you offer?

We offer a large number of cosmetic treatments, including:

  • AZ laser hair removal
  • Arizona TRT
  • Botox Arizona
  • Arizona Restylane
  • PRP hair loss Arizona
  • Juvederm lip injections Arizona
  • And many more!

Check out our full selection of hair removal, skin rejuvenation, aesthetic enhancements and health and vitality treatments.

Where are you located?

We currently have clinics in Oro Valley, Yuma and Tucson, with plans on expanding to Phoenix in the near future.

Do you only offer treatments for women?

Peach isn’t just for women! A number of our patients are men, many of whom see us for treatments like hormone therapy and laser hair removal.

Are cosmetic procedures safe?

Our cosmetic treatments are much safer and less expensive than surgical procedures, requiring less downtime as well. Not everyone requires complicated surgery to achieve their desired results, and Peach’s cosmetic treatments are the best place to start before you consider more complicated options.

Am I a good candidate for X treatment?

Most people react very well to skin treatments, but they’re not for everyone. At your consultation, we’ll go over your medical history and help you figure out if our skin treatments are right for you, plus help you plan the best way to achieve the results you’re after.

How much do your treatments cost?

Because we offer such a wide variety of treatments—and because your own personalized treatment plan will be totally different from other patients—it’s not possible to estimate the cost of your treatment without coming in for a consultation.

However, we’re proud of our highly competitive prices, and we even offer twelve-month financing through Care Credit with no interest.

Even better, our membership club offers patients even bigger savings, making it easier than ever to get your dream results.

Does hair removal work on peach fuzz?

Laser hair removal doesn’t work on red, gray or white hair, which includes peach fuzz. Peach Medical Group has “invented” a unique product called Gray Away that stimulates your owns body hair pigment. By applying this solution your body will start producing new pigment into the hair allowing it to be treated with laser hair removal. We already have patients undergoing this protocol.

How much money do members save on average?

On average, the savings you’ll enjoy on our treatments and products works out to about 20%. That means many Peach members make up for their $59.99 yearly fee after just one or two sessions!

Peach Locations

Peach Yuma AZ

(928) 782-0554

2180 South 4th Avenue, Suite A
Yuma, AZ 85364

Yuma AZ Hair Removal

Yuma AZ Botox

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Peach Tucson AZ

(520) 413-0774

2260 North Rosemont Blvd, Suite 104
Tucson, AZ 85712

Tucson AZ Hair Removal

Tucson AZ Botox

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Peach Oro Valley AZ

(520) 333-4166

200 West Magee Road, Suite 150
Oro Valley, AZ 85704

Oro Valley AZ Hair Removal

Oro Valley AZ Botox

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