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A personalized medical approach to improving the health of your skin and body .

What we do.

Peach Medical Group helps patients improve the health of their skin and body through the use of cosmetic lasers, dermatology care, aesthetic medicine, and a wide variety of concierge medical services. Our physicians and nurse practitioners have been practicing for over 20 years and they bring a results driven and culturally sensitive approach.

Your first appointment.

Your initial visit will encompass a discussing between you and the your health care provider and your health goals. Together, we can create an individualized plan to help achieve your health goals. Whether your looking to improve scarring, pigmentation, overall body health, or testosterone imbalances, our health care providers can give you an honest recommendation of what it will require. You as the patient can decide if the recommendation is right for you.

How much will it cost?

The majority of our services are not covered by insurance because they are elective and cosmetic in nature. However, because we do not have burdensome insurance contracts, our pricing is accessible to many patients. Peach Medical Group also helps patients through monthly payment programs that can range from as little as $62/month to as high as $300/month. Each patient at Peach is unique and requires an individualized program to get an accurate cost. We recommend patients to schedule an appointment to discuss treatment options.


What we specialize in.

+ Hormone imbalance

Although aging cannot be reversed or stalled indefinitely, modern medicine can forestall this deterioration through the use of bio-identical hormone replacement. Bio-identical hormone replacement has been shown to be a safe and effective solution to combat the effects of aging.

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+ vascular & skin pigmentation

Vascular and skin pigmentation skin conditions can effect our self esteem and reduce are quality of life. Our practice offers a wide range of cosmetic lasers that help patients with pigment reduction, redness reduction, vascular conditions, moderate to severe wrinkles, burn scars, and acne scars.

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+ scars & Stretchmarks

Scars can appear after trauma, acne, lacerations, or surgical procedures. These scars can be reduced through the use of deep lasers that break up the scar tissue and allow your body to heal and create new skin. Stretchmarks, which are a form of scars, can also be diminished with this method.

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+ Deep & Fine wrinkles

Deep and fine lines and wrinkles appear as we age and are caused due to the breakdown of collagen and the lattice underneath the skin. Deep lines and wrinkles can be softened through the use of lasers and PRP. The mechanism is simple. We use laser to make micro wounds in the skin. This triggers the body to start the repair process resulting in new skin being formed.

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+ Low Testosterone

Low testosterone is a key hormone in the health and well being of both male and female patients. It is responsible for muscle mass, fat tissue, metabolism, mental well being, and libido. Patients with low levels of testosterone can supplement it with the help of our providers who will clinical supervise your program.

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+ skin laxity (sagging facial skin)

Skin laxity (sagging skin) happens because our skin is either overstretched or our skin loses it ability to bounce back into place. This can be alleviated through the use of non-surgical threading procedures. The mechanism of the procedure is to anchor the skin and slightly stretch it into place where it once was.

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Locations in Tucson, Yuma, and Oro Valley, AZ.

Peach Medical Group has locations in the cities of Yuma, Tucson, and Oro Valley. If you are interested in learning more about our services or would like to speak with one of our providers, we recommend scheduling a one-on-one visit. During this visit, you and your provider will discuss your goals. This complimentary visit is at no cost to you and gives you the opportunity to ask questions necessary to make an informed decision.