Acne can appear anywhere on the body but the top three places for body acne can be found are the back, shoulders, and chest. Your breakout can be cause by the heat, perspiration, and skin care products. Body acne can be from one of those causes or a combination all them all together.

HEAT: In Arizona we have a year round of summer, and with this heat will do damage to your skin. #1 rule to beat this heat giving you a breakout is drinking lots of water! By staying hydrated your skin will start to produce less oil. By producing less oil, your skin will not get congest as easily.

PERSPIRATION: Sweating traps oils, debris, and dirt into your pores. During these hot summer days try wearing loose fitting clothes. By wearing tighter clothes, it will trap the sweat against your skin and clothes causing clogged pores.

SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: Try to keep in mind the things that come into contact with your skin. It can be from your moisturizers, detergents, even hair products that is giving you a breakout. Try to stay away from mineral oils in your products and look for something with salicylic acid. 


Daily Tip: Change out your pillowcases and sheets every other day. This will help clear your skin as you sleep. No one likes to be cuddled up with dead skin and dirt left over from your day.