1.)    Cucumbers are known to reduce the puffiness around the eyes, however; the main ingredient in cucumbers is 90% water.  So if you are out of cucumbers use a cold compress instead.

2.)    A misconception of getting a professional facial is that you get excessive amount of product and that’s why you see results.  Truth is, too much product can actually cause negative effects.  A pea-size amount of facial products is usually plenty and saves you some cash.

3.)    Chocolate lovers…Love on! Chocolate does not cause acne.  While healthy habits do wonders to your skin, chocolate is not the cause of acne problems.  Coco is actually good for your skin.  So if you love chocolate but don’t want the calories get a nice chocolate mask and saver the flavor that way.

4.)    Exfoliation is really good for your skin, especially oily skin, BUT strong scrubs can be too abrasive and cause micro tears and contribute to aging and irritated skin.  Exfoliate with a safe product; your skin will thank you.

5.)    Layering your SPF products does not increase your SPF protection.  You are only protected to the highest rated product. For example, a SPF 10 with your SPF 25 foundation does not give you a protection of 35 SPF, only 25.  Do not skip out on your SPF though, it is an extremely important product for everyday use.

AuthorOscar Bueno