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Hair Removal & IPL

Improve skin health and appearance with cosmetic lasers aimed to improve pigmentation, scarring, and texture.

 Woman sitting showing her bare legs.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an extremely popular cosmetic treatment that helps reduce unwanted hair. This treatment works by using light based technology to ¨zap¨ the root of the hair and prevent it from regrowing.

Treatment cost range: $68 - $150

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 Before and after picture for IPL and photofacial treatments.

IPL and Photofacials

Peach’s photofacial and IPL laser treatments are highly effective for clearing up sun damage, dark spots, liver spots and age spots, improving skin tone, treating rosacea and redness, minimizing spider veins, removing birthmarks, and treating active acne infections. We use the most advanced lasers for our procedures, and our patients’ results speak for themselves.

Treatment cost range: $99-$500

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 Before and after picture of women who received face resurfacing treatment.

Face Skin Resurfacing

Deep skin resurfacing is a specialized treatment to significantly soften deep wrinkles, scars, and other moderate to severe skin imperfections. A one treatment option for patients looking for a complete make over to their skin's health.

Treatment cost range: $850-$1,150

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 Before and after picture of stretch mark area treated with laser resurfacing.

Body Skin Resurfacing

Reduce and eliminate the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and other body skin imperfections with DeepFX and fractional laser treatments. Body skin resurfacing helps patients achieve smoother body skin more efficiently and at an accessible price.

Treatment cost range: $850-$1,150

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