Rosacea is a skin condition characterized by redness on the face.

Rosacea is a skin condition that is characterized by redness in the face, redness on the nose, inflammatory acne, growth of tissue around the nose area, and small pus filled bums. Patients commonly mistake this condition for an allergic reaction or common active acne.

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Who suffers from Rosacea?

Although rosacea can affect patients of all backgrounds, the majority of affected patients are middle aged women with fair skin. Many patients report that consumption of alcohol or applying harsh skin products can make the symptoms worse.

What causes Rosacea?

Although a common diagnosis, rosacea's cause still remains unknown. However, we do know certain factors that can cause a flare up or make the rosacea worse. These factors include hot drinks, spicy food, extreme temperature, exercise, emotions, cosmetics, and certain types of drugs.

What happens if left untreated?

Rosacea requires constant and consistent treatments that may include prescription medications, change in lifestyle, change in eating habits, or laser treatments. If left untreated, rosacea may get progressively worse resulting in oil glands around the nose to become enlarged. This leads to growth of tissue which may require more invasive procedures to remove.

How can lasers help with Rosacea?

If you have rosacea, then we can use a combination of medications and laser treatments to control the flare ups and reduce redness. Although these treatment are effective, they will not permanently remove Rosacea. At this time, there is no treatment to permanently remove rosacea.


How long do laser skin treatments take?

Laser treatments are known for being quick, and many of our treatment sessions take less than half an hour.

The exact length of your treatment will vary depending on your specific condition, type of laser, and extent of your treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

To get the best results with laser skin treatments, most patients will require multiple sessions over the course of several weeks.

The exact number of treatment visits you require will depend on the severity and type of imperfection you wish to treat, as well as factors that are unique to your skin and body.

Are there side effects to skin laser treatments?

One of the most common side effects of laser skin treatment is a sensation similar to sunburn following your procedure, which will go away in just a few days. Often, the site of your treatment will appear dark or crusty following your visit—this is naturally part of your body’s healing process, and will fade away to reveal your results over time.

Can large varicose veins be treated with lasers?

Usually, patients with large varicose veins are not good candidates for laser treatment, and tend to opt for surgical treatment.

Can severe acne be treated with lasers?

For patients with particularly severe acne, medications may be required in conjunction with your laser treatment to see desired results.

How much do laser skin treatments cost? Do you offer financing?

Because there are so many factors that come into play—such as the type of treatment and extent of the affected area—the price of treatment will vary from one person to the next. After meeting with our staff, we’ll determine the best way to achieve your desired results.

However, we DO provide 12-month, zero interest financing for most of our procedures—achieving healthier, clearer skin has never been more affordable.

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