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Have you been looking for a hair loss solution that actually gets the results it promises you? For years, working hair loss treatments were hard to come by. There are a million products and medications out there that claim to treat thinning hair, but few work. Until platelet-rich plasma therapy, that is.

PRP uses your body’s own platelet-rich plasma to jumpstart hair follicle growth and ultimately leave you with thicker, fuller, more youthful looking hair. It’s not science fiction and it’s not too good to be true—come take a look at how we use PRP hair restoration to give our patients newfound confidence and happiness right here at Peach.

PRP Hair Restoration

The hair loss treatment that actually works.

Hair Restoration that Works

PRP initiates dormant hair follicles to begin producing long, thick, dark hair once again, creating natural growth and aesthetic results you’ll have to see to believe. Even patients who have been unsuccessful with other hair restoration medications and treatments can find success with PRP.

Fight Back Against Hair Loss

PRP is effective against two of the major types of hair loss—androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness) and alopecia areata (often caused by an autoimmune response). Both are notoriously difficult to treat, making PRP highly sought after by so many of our patients.

Professional Treatments

All Peach clinics are operated by a licensed nurse practitioner, and our staff is totally dedicated to patient happiness. All of our treatments—including PRP hair restoration—have been chosen by our team because they offer safe, effective options for people like you looking for the best results possible.

Evelina Gonzalez

I've had great results with just 2 sessions of the laser hair removal. Everyone is so nice and make you feel comfortable. I've had laser hair removal at other places and Peach is professional compared to the others. Plus they don't try and sell you other services you don't need! Peach is the absolute best.

Results may vary.

Shea Howell

I absolutely love Peach Skin Clinic! When I first saw their prices and learned how inexpensive it was, I was worried at first! But I wound up choosing Peach and I have to say they have GREAT customer service and their clinic is really nice, and I have recommended so many of friends who were on the fence.

Results may vary.

Nyles Bauer

Being a guy, I felt really uncomfortable making an appointment for laser hair removal. But all the anxiety I had prior to coming to this place was for nothing—I couldn't recommend this place more highly to anyone, and I felt so comfortable that I even had a little bit more hair removed than I originally planned.

Results may vary.


How does PRP hair restoration work?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, and works by injecting plasma into your scalp with very fine needles. The plasma stimulates blood flow, increasing the availability of nutrients and growth factors, and “waking up” hair follicles.

The average person has roughly 100,000 hair follicles on their scalp that produce long, dark, full hair. The other numerous hair follicles only create thin, short hairs.

Even though you lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair every day, under normal conditions those hairs are replaced by other follicles. With hair loss disorders, however, the number of new hair follicles “activating” is too low to keep up with those lost each day.

Does PRP treat all types of hair loss?

The two types of hair loss PRP treats best are androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata.

Androgenetic alopecia (also called male pattern baldness) occurs in both men and women, and is hereditary.

Alopecia areata is frequently caused by autoimmune disorders, and results in small, round bald patches across the scalp.

Besides that, there are any reasons for hair loss—bacteria, parasites, iron deficiency, psoriasis and more. Before beginning PRP, it’s important to meet with a healthcare professional in order to determine why you’re losing hair.

How many treatment sessions will I need? How long does it take to see results?

Your first three treatments will be spaced about a month apart. Most patients will begin seeing results after the second treatment, with optimal results being achieved after your third session. After that, you’ll need to schedule maintenance sessions roughly twice per year.

How much does PRP hair restoration cost?

Because PRP may take several treatment sessions, it’s hard to put an exact cost on your specific treatment plan.

With that said, PRP is probably a lot more affordable than you think—especially because we have zero-interest, 12-month financing available through Care Credit. A thicker, fuller head of hair has never been easier to achieve.

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