PDO: Thread Lift Workshops for RNs and NPs

Train alongside our professionals

On-site training is held at our facilities in Arizona. Our aesthetic nurse practitioners and physician partners have designed the hands-on course to maximize exposure and hands-on time with actual patients. 

Upcoming training: April 20 & May 23

PDO: Thread Lift LEVEL I
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One on one training

With competitive workshop prices, hands on training with real patients, you’ll receive a robust and challenging workshop experience for PDO threading techniques. Supporting the medical aesthetics community at large, our Peach network of physicians, nurses and technicians love what they do and enjoy perfecting their craft with our ongoing training.

Hands-on focus

This is a course that is ideal for medical professionals with robust experience in medical aesthetics. The majority of the course will be hands-on and will have the professional seeing actual patients throughout the day. The student professional can expect anywhere from 5-8 hands on patients.


Workshop Schedule


Educate the physician or nurse practitioner on the History, Science, Indications, Contraindications, Risks and Possible Complications, and Surgical Techniques of Polydioxanone REJUVN8MED PDO Thread Lifting.


Physician(s) will learn the REJUVN8MED PDO lifting techniques of: simple single vector cheek lift, simple single vector jaw lift, treatment of “bar-code” smoker’s lines of the upper lip, threading of the vermillion border of the lip. Physician(s) will learn strategies for patient selection and management of complications. Physician(s) and staff will learn how to: perform consultations to maximize usage of REJUVN8MED PDO lifting threads, learn an established method of marketing/advertising REJUVN8MED PDO thread lifting within your practice, how to order and maintain the proper inventory of REJUVN8MED PDO threads for one month’s worth of business.


Full day hands-on training demonstration and workshop for 1-5 physicians. Workshops are done at your own clinic with your own patients. A typical workshop begins with a full face lift demonstration that includes bilateral 3- vector cheek lifts, bilateral 2-vector jaw lifts, bilateral eyebrow lifts, and simple neck tightening. This is followed by hands-on experience in a “see one, do one, teach one” Socratic method. At the close of the day a second full face lift demonstration is performed. Throughout the day training in marketing and advertising information is provided. By evaluating your practice, including the amount of Botox and/or dermal fillers used each month, we tailor our training to your specific needs