Save Big with a Peach Membership

Everyone should be able to afford to live their best life.

We’re extremely proud of our zero-interest financing, and we’re also thrilled to offer some of the lowest medical spa prices in Arizona. We love our patients and we want to help everyone achieve the results they’ve always dreamed of. But we’re not done yet.

Our membership club is a whole new level of savings, giving you tons of chances throughout the year to save big and save often on whatever procedures and products your heart desires. Use your discounts as often as you want and earn exclusive rewards all year long, and love life with your 20% discount on our products and services. All of them.

3 Ways You'll Save

At Peach we offer a variety of services to help you live your best life.


Low, Low Prices

Our prices are among the lowest in the state of Arizona. In fact, some of our patients have even told us that they were unsure about coming in for a consultation because there was no way we could provide premium results at such low prices. The truth is, our procedures are priced fairly—we don’t need to take advantage of our patients to stay in business.


Discounts for New Patients

If you’re thinking about scheduling your first consultation with us, you might have noticed our offer for new patients—25% off your first treatment with us. Yes, that’s for any treatment of your choosing, whether you’re after laser hair removal or micro needling or anything in between.


Member Discounts

The biggest way our patients save is through our membership club. For just $59.99 per year, Peach members have access to tons of special offers and deals, taking roughly 20% off the cost of ALL your treatments with Peach. Plus, you’ll have opportunities to earn member rewards, which translate into FREE treatments and products.

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