FemTouch FAQ and Patient Instructions

FemTouch FAQ and Patient Instructions

Want to get started with FemTouch, but not sure how to take the first step?

Today’s article will go over all the most common FemTouch questions, plus cover both pre- and post-treatment care for your procedure.

Ready to get started?

Pre-Instructions for FemTouch treatments

  • Patients must have a pelvic exam performed prior to receiving FemTouch procedure.
  • For a better patient comfort, the patient will be preferably positioned as for a speculum exam with bended knees and feet in stirrups
  • Patients with history of Herpes may be prescribed antiviral prophylaxis as per physician discretion
  • Procedures are performed in ambulatory conditions and do not require analgesia or anesthesia

What post-treatment care is needed?

Your healthcare professional may prescribe vaginal hydrating gel for up to a week after your procedure.

Who is a candidate for FemTouch treatments?

FemTouch can treat vaginal health issues in women of nearly any age, from 20 to even 70 or 80 years old.

How long does each FemTouch treatment take?

Each treatment takes just 2-5 minutes. Even if your healthcare professional needs to perform a vaginal exam before beginning your treatment, the total time you’ll spend in your procedure shouldn’t last more than a few minutes.

How many treatments are needed?

Most patients require 2-4 sessions for optimal results, with many reporting improvements after the first treatment session. Optimal results can take up to six months to occur.

When can I return to my normal routine?

You can begin your normal daily activities immediately, however you should avoid sex for 72 hours after your procedure.

Does FemTouch hurt?

Although you may feel vibration or slight heat during your procedure, FemTouch treatments are not painful and don’t require any sort of anesthetic.

Can I have FemTouch if I’ve had a hysterectomy?


Can I undergo FemTouch while breastfeeding?


What kind of device is used to perform FemTouch?

For the FemTouch™ treatment, your treatment provider will use the AcuPulse CO2 laser with the FemTouch hand piece. Lumenis CO2 lasers have been used since 1979 to perform different vaginal treatments, on top of other cosmetic and surgical treatments.

At Peach we use Lumenis CO2 lasers to perform FemTouch, which have been used since the late 70s for both surgical and cosmetic treatments.

Is FemTouch right for me?

Although many women are great candidates for FemTouch, the only way to be sure is to consult with a trained medical professional.

Schedule a free consultation with Peach, and we’ll help you go over your options, plan your treatment, and help you achieve the results of your dreams.

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