Broken Capillaries

Capillaries are tiny blood vessels that connect arteries and veins. It is common to find broken capillaries on the face, especially around the nose appear. They appear as small red, blue or pink veins. Although these broken capillaries do not pose a health risk, patient typically want to remove them for cosmetic reasons.

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What Causes Broken (Facial) Capillaries ?

One of the functions of the capillaries is narrowing and widening. As a patient ages, the walls of the vein become weaker and lose it’s elastic component. This causes the walls to burst and leads to blood leaking out giving it a red color to it. There is a wide number of causes which include genetic factors, skin type, and aging.

Who suffers from broken capillaries?

Almost anyone can suffer from broken capillaries. However, patient with fair skin tend to observe it more because of their skin type. Furthermore, patients with other underlying skin conditions like rosacea will develop broken capillaries more often.

How does laser work with broken capillaries?

Our health professional can use a cosmetic laser to target the broken capillaries and break up the “leaked” blood. After targeting the trapped blood, your body will remove the blood fragments over the course of a few weeks. Although broken capillary treatment is successful, broken capillaries may return. Therefore, patient should expect several ongoing treatment through the year to continue removing them.


How long do laser skin treatments take?

Laser treatments are known for being quick, and many of our treatment sessions take less than half an hour.

The exact length of your treatment will vary depending on your specific condition, type of laser, and extent of your treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

To get the best results with laser skin treatments, most patients will require multiple sessions over the course of several weeks.

The exact number of treatment visits you require will depend on the severity and type of imperfection you wish to treat, as well as factors that are unique to your skin and body.

Are there side effects to skin laser treatments?

One of the most common side effects of laser skin treatment is a sensation similar to sunburn following your procedure, which will go away in just a few days. Often, the site of your treatment will appear dark or crusty following your visit—this is naturally part of your body’s healing process, and will fade away to reveal your results over time.

Can large varicose veins be treated with lasers?

Usually, patients with large varicose veins are not good candidates for laser treatment, and tend to opt for surgical treatment.

Can severe acne be treated with lasers?

For patients with particularly severe acne, medications may be required in conjunction with your laser treatment to see desired results.

How much do laser skin treatments cost? Do you offer financing?

Because there are so many factors that come into play—such as the type of treatment and extent of the affected area—the price of treatment will vary from one person to the next. After meeting with our staff, we’ll determine the best way to achieve your desired results.

However, we DO provide 12-month, zero interest financing for most of our procedures—achieving healthier, clearer skin has never been more affordable.

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