Botox Cosmetic is a medication and like any medication, it will not always hit the mark in terms of outcomes. How many times will it miss the mark?  A deeper look into Allergan's study may provide an answer to both aesthetic health professionals and also patients. Allergan conducted a study to showcase the efficacy of their medication for the reduction of glabellar  line severity. Their study looked at improvement in frown lines occurred. Improvement was measured through observation. Observations were done by a third party and also by the patient. 

Third parties looked at patient glabellar line severity at different time intervals from date of treatment and observed the following. 

  • Day 7 - 74% improvement
  • Day 30 - 80% improvement
  • Day 60 - 70% improvement
  • Day 90 - 48% improvement
  • Day 120 - 25% improvement

Patients looked at their own glabellar line severity at different intervals from date of treatment and observed the following. 

  • Day 7 - 82% improvement
  • Day 30 - 89% improvement
  • Day 60 - 82% improvement
  • Day 90 - 63% improvement
  • Day 120 - 39% improvement

What does this mean for the health professional and patient? With optimal settings and dosing, approximately 8/10 patients will be satisfied with their treatments at day 30. These satisfactions rate will hold for about 60 days and results will start diminishing at day 60. It is important to consider that any dosing that is sub-optimal will likely reduce these improvement rates significantly.  Finally, in a high volume practice where Botox patients number in the 100s, health professional should expect low satisfaction rates in 20% of their patients, which can add up to a lot of complication and complaint management. 

Read more about this study here. 

AuthorOscar Bueno