Advances in plastic surgery have been traditionally slow. The slow progress is hypothesized to be because current facial surgery methods have high quality outcomes so there may not be an immediate need for new procedures. 

However, there are 3 promising methods on the horizon for plastic surgery. 

1. The first is a stem cell injection technique. The stem cells are introduced to damaged cells which can replace them and grow new tissue. This is a current technique that is being tested for brain dead patients. 

2. The second technique is called platelet rich plasma (PRP). This technique infuses the patients blood with platelets. This can encourage tissues to repair themselves.  This technique is currently being tested and used among patients. Studies have shown mixed results in outcomes. 

3. The third promising technique is a protein matrix. This technique extracts fat tissue, isolates the cellular scaffolding and introduces it back in the body. in order to regenerate tissue, adipose tissue is needed. 

Read more about these techniques here. 


AuthorOscar Bueno