Eyes are the windows to our soul, it's said, so that must make our eyebrows the window dressings! Eyebrows may not be the very first thing people notice on the face but if they’re not taken care of, or don't have a natural shape, they can quickly call attention to the observer that something is off balance. (Did you see our Facebook post from yesterday?) Well-groomed eyebrows, big and natural eyebrows and filled-in eyebrows have come up in makeup fashion trends over the last few years. Specifically the brow that is most naturally flattering to the shape of the face and eyes.

Like a lot of things, eyebrows were big in the 80s. I can remember the natural brow, like that of Brooke Shields or Madonna for example. With bold, bright styles of the the 80’s, these were brows that commanded our attention. Today they’ve made a huge come back. The brows are a versatile style icon; a natural shape and fullness of the brow denotes a romantic softness and youth, something of down-to-earth-ness shows through. It can also lend to a tough-exterior look, a hardened or modern look. Healthy, full eyebrows are as desirable as a healthy head of hair. With so many trends toward ‘less-is-more’ looks, the full on brow is in.

The eyebrow has taken up its own corner in the celebrity spotlight. Celebrities walking down the red carpet getting their gowns critiqued can also call attention to their face with bold eyebrows like that of Cara Delevigne, Camilla Belle and Lily Collins. Makeup trends can start on fashion runways, in print, movies, music videos and online. You can find many tutorials on Pinterest, product reviews on YouTube and magazines will feature best products and techniques on how to ‘get the look’. Some of the boldest looks in makeup trends have involved a statement brow.

So where do we start with our own eyebrows?

We’ve read many articles about recovering from over-plucking to using waxes and powders to plump up the brow. Whether you’re starting from scratch and have never styled your brows before or if you’re starting over completely, we’ve broken down the different ways to get your brow game on point.

According to Vanita Parti, founder of Blink Brow Bars, ‘Brows are important because they’re a feature of expression, so are bound up with our emotions. Shaped well, they have the power to change the overall appearance of our face, lending balance and symmetry.’ Many sources suggest starting with a professional brow shaper, this can mean visiting a waxing salon, a threading place or a trained makeup artist or esthetician. Monday’s Facebook post featured a video from a Brow Bar by Benefit Cosmetics located inside an ULTA Beauty store. These professionals may also be a resource to products you can get to help maintain the shape and style of the brow.


Makeup products for eyebrows include, gels or waxes in familiar mascara tubes or in compacts accompanied by small brushes and powders to set the wax. There are eyebrow tints to color the hairs and even falsies for brows! There are classic brow pencils, stencils for drawing in brows and highlighters for the brow bone to top off the look. If you need help getting those brows growing back to their former glory, you can try growth serum products. You can even use Latisse to help with the regrowth of eyebrows. Its labeled for use on the eyelashes but people have had great success with regrowing eyebrows too.


One of the most effective treatments to improve the shape of the brow is actually Botox. Injected into the muscles that control the brows, Botox can add that refreshed look to the face; relaxing the brow and returning it to a natural shape. These non-surgical brow lifts can give your brows the boost they need that makeup can’t give you. Many of our patients get the non-surgical brow lift along with treating their crows feet or forehead lines, completing the rejuvenated look around the eye areas.

Laser Hair Removal

If you’re tired of waxing, threading and plucking, you can also get laser hair removal on the area just above the brow and the area connecting the brow hairs to the scalp hairline. This is usually the most frequently groomed area once the natural shape or style has been completed. Getting laser hair removal in those areas could save a lot of money and pain in the long run. Laser hair removal cannot be done any closer to the eye area (like the eyelid), due to the dangers of the light entering the eye. Since we wear protective goggles while in the treatment, the eyes are protected from the lasers treating the forehead.

Now that you’ve got the information about where to get started and what products are out there you may need some inspiration. Here are some of the best eyebrows looks on Instagram according to PopSugar.com that follow the "Eyebrows on Fleek" trend. This is a phrase used to describe when someone’s eyebrows are in the ideal shape and look their best. Coined by kids on Vine and made popular almost overnight, the phrase has inspired conversations about eyebrows in a viral way on the internet. The equally used ‘eyebrow game’ denotes the effectiveness, the mastery and command of the sport or game of styling one's eyebrows.

Are your eyebrows on fleek? Is your eyebrow game strong? What do you do to your brows? Have you had the non-surgical brow lift? Applied Latisse to the brows? Gotten laser hair removal around the brow? Tell us your brow experiences.