Many celebrities in Hollywood have taken a stance either for or against using Botox to erase lines or turn back time. Among those who have spoken out against Botox are Salma Hayek, Sofia Vergara, Penelope Cruz and Eva Longoria. Those who use or have used Botox are Cindy Crawford, Daisy Fuentes, Vanessa Williams and Kim Cattrall. Many celebrities have come forward to mock Hollywood and the standards of beauty that are being revealed as more and more unrealistic. This comes as no surprise given the attention that products like Botox and Juvéderm have been receiving lately due to its overwhelming popularity.

The cat is out of the bag. It is no longer a taboo to receive Botox as much as is to see the dermatologist for a retinol cream or chemical peel. These are all tools in the beauty toolbox for those who want improve the appearance of wrinkles. Although our favorite celebrities may take a stance for or against anti-aging injectable, we still need to evaluate for ourselves if this is for us or not. Given that many of those celebrities who speak out against it are actresses who need to move their faces very precisely for their work on-screen, it’s no wonder that they would not want to reduce the movement of muscles in their face. The movement and lines in their faces are their livelihood, needed to project many emotions to their audiences.

For people who are not actors, this is not an obstacle when considering using Botox. This product can not only help reduce the appearance of the wrinkles you currently have, it can also be used to prevent them from setting-in. Maybe you have a crease in your forehead only when you make a specific expression; with time, that line may set in and become a deeper more permanent line but with Botox, this can be prevented.

Stay informed, and inform others, that although they may read about their favorite actresses speaking out against Botox, this is still a very personal choice to make. Most celebrities have plenty of help when aging beautifully in Hollywood. There are nutritionists, personal trainers, dermatologists and skin care regimens that they have access and the means to. Some may even lie about having had ‘work done.’ So don’t believe everything you read about your favorite Hollywood actresses, as they are not taking an oath before they speak out for or against the use of Botox.

AuthorOscar Bueno