In 2010, Lisa Rinna came out in People Magazine about the silicone lip injections she received at 24. The lips had become her defining characteristic as an actress and as the years passed, she had more silicone injected to maintain the look. That eventually turned hard and ‘yucky’ as she describes. Lisa went on to explain that it was the producers of a new show she was in that convinced her to speak out about the changes to her lips and the reconstruction after having the silicone removed in 2010. More recently on the Today show last spring, she commented that her lips had their own career. Looking back, she told Today show host Hoda Kobt that she would do it again.

Lips can dramatically change ones face. With the emergence of social media applications such as Instagram, we are getting closer to the personal lives of celebrities. Take for example the explosion of the “Kylie Jenner Lip”. The 17 year old had posted a photo on her Instagram account that showed a dramatically different look. Her lips looked much larger and fuller than previous. This led to an explosion of copy cats and tutorials on YouTube on how to achieve the same lip look with a good quality lip liner and matte lipstick. There are many celebrities that mystify their beauty process. You can achieve a fuller lip look with make-up that have plumping agents with mint or cinnamon. Or you can get those looks with an actual cosmetic procedure.

Since the days of injecting collagen and silicone in the lips, the technology for making lips bigger has come a long way. One of the most popular procedures is using a product called hyaluronic acid. There really is nothing mystical about making lips bigger with a cosmetic procedure. It’s very easy and anyone can get it; you basically want to add a little more volume to the lip. Instead of silicone, these injections can give a more natural look. It is not permanent and can be easily reversed by injecting a solution to break down the substance. It not very painful and can even be done on a 30 minute lunch break. Hyaluronic acid injections give a subtle look to the lips and are very popular now. You don’t have to be old and aging to get it. Many celebrities in general do not usually confirm or deny the use of cosmetic procedures and these procedures are not reserved just for celebrities. They are very affordable and accessible. After choosing a medical professional in a clinic, you can get satisfying result that will be a fit for your face.