The FDA has just sent out warnings to providers about buying Botox and Juvederm from sources other than U.S. approved agencies. Receiving these products from sources other than FDA approved sources compromise a patient's safety because there is no way to verify if the product you are receiving is safe. If you are unsure that the Botox or Juvederm you are receiving from your provider is safe, it is always important to ask as many questions as you can to ensure your safety. The following are a few points that you can bring up to ensure that your product is directly from Allergan. 

Ask your provider who their supplier is. Your provider should not have any problem disclosing where they get their Botox or Juvederm. If the provider does not want to disclose that information, then that might be a sign that there is something wrong. 

Ask to see the packaging. The packaging can be different if Botox is purchased from a non-FDA approved source. The following is a picture of the packaging of the Botox that our clinic purchases directly from Allergan (the manufacturer and FDA approved agency). 

botox hologram.jpg
Juvederm safe

Check to see if your provider is listed on the official Botox website. If your provider purchases their Botox directly from Allergan, then they should be listed on their website. Just search by zip code to find your provider. 

Safety is always first and and if there is ever a doubt in your mind, it is always best to ask. 

AuthorOscar Bueno