It is believed that as we protect nature, nature in return will protect us as well. In the dry, arid regions of Morocco live the Berber women amidst the Argan Trees. They are known as the “Tree of Life” to the Moroccan people. The Argan trees produce a hard-shelled nut which contain seeds that the Berber women work with by hand. They open the shells of the nut with stones and gather the seeds by hand. The seeds are then roasted and ground into a fine paste where the natural oil produced by the seeds is collected and pressed. The Argan tree oil is known as “Liquid Gold” not only because of its light, gold color but for its healing properties for the skin.

Argan tree oil is called liquid gold because of its many beneficial properties that assist skin in healing and rejuvenating. Argan oil is inordinately full of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that help repair sun-damaged skin. Dermatologist, Susan Kallai M.D., loves and recommends Argan oil to many of her patients who have skin conditions ranging from acne, eczema, psoriasis, and chicken pox. This particular oil also contains Squalene, a naturally occurring hydrocarbon that provides UV protection when applied regularly helps fight against skin cancer. Susan Kallai, M.D. also recommends this oil for her patients with acne as well. Although acne increases the amount of oil produced by the skin and would seem inappropriate to apply more oil, Argan oil when applied absorbs into the skin quickly and assists acne scarring to heal and reduce the oils in the skin.

The love with which the Berber women of Morocco produce this beautiful oil is not only for themselves but to use as export in fair trade that allows them to earn income for themselves and their families while bringing the healing properties to the rest of the world. The groves of Argan trees grow from 125 – 450 years. In addition to rejuvenating the skin, Argan oil contains plant sterolins that have anti-inflammatory qualities. These can help people who suffer with the inflammatory challenges of osteo-arthritis.

When looking to purchase Argan oil, look for distributors who sell only 100% naturally cold-pressed oil. Other companies who call their oil “Moroccan” use a compound that is only a small part Argan oil. Two reputable on-line distributors of this oil are Aura Acacia found at and Argan Oils at

Stay tuned next week for Part Two where we will share a Do-it-yourself Argan oil facial treatment that is super healthy and relaxing!