With the vast array of skin conditions, there is no perfect peel treatment to end all skin problems. If you have been thinking that a peel treatment might be right for you, then the following are few points that you should expect.


You will need more than one. 

Many people are under the impression that receiving one chemical peel will solve their skin problem. Although with one treatment you will see results, you will need varuous treatments in order to significantly improve your skin. 

The prescitption model. 

A prescription model bases your series of treatments on the skin condition that you have. It is important to talk to your health care provider about what is the end objective that you wish to see. With this information and an analysis of your current skin, your health care provider will determine which best combination of treatments will benefit you. This might include chemical peels, combined with mechanical exfoliation, and a product regimen.

Patience is key. 

Most treatment plans will span over a few months or more depending on the patient's skin condition. It is common that patients become frustrated mid-way through the plan. It is important to communicate this with your health care provider as they should document progress with follow up consultations and before and after pictures.

Whether your trying to eliminate a skin condition or just simply trying to improve your skin tone, it is important that your peel plan be customized.