Spend too much time in the sun today? Lobster is good for food but not to look like one. Sunburns can be very painful and a mess to deal with. With these 4 easy steps, it will help heal your sunburn.

  1. COOL IT DOWN: Taking a cold shower or bath, will help slow the peeling process.
  2. MOISTURIZE: Keep your sunburn moisturize with anything that has Aloe Vera in the product.
  3. DRINK UP: Nothing helps your skin better then a tall glass of water. You are taking care of your sunburn on the outside and by drinking plenty of water will take care of the inside.
  4. DO NOT PEEL SKIN: Get scissors and cut the hanging skin. If you pull the skin off, you are probably tearing off skin that is trying to heal.

Remember to always apply your sunblock then reapply. Apply the sunblock 30 minutes before heading out in the sun, because takes about 30 minutes to absorb in the skin.

This Arizona sun is deadly!