An at home skin care regimen is extremely important for your skin.  It is the opportunity to give your skin all the nutrients and nourishment that it lacks due to your daily activities and environmental exposure.  It is common to not have time to go through all the different steps of cleansing, exfoliating, treating, moisturizing, sun protection, etc  in the morning with our busy lives.  Thankfully we can now buy products that are two products in one to alleviate the time spent on your skin.

Here are some examples:

Eminence Organic has this exfoliating wash giving you the convenience of a gentle exfoliation and cleansing in one step. After this step you'd then apply any serums, toniques or treatments as needed (if you have time, if not skip and do at night.) 

Next combining the moisturizer and SPF also allows you to skip a step.


This Eminence Organic product has SPF 32 and moisturizer making it easier to take care of your skin and get on with you day. Using a product like this is very beneficial for your skin with the type of weather Yuma has all year long.

Rushing through your morning skin care regimen is possible without causing damage to your skin.  Your night time regimen should then become the time where you treat your skin thoroughly.  Any masques, peels, serums or treatments can be administered and during the night your skin can heal and rejuvenate.  Don't let your busy schedule get in the way of taking care of yourself and as always take a day each month to treat your skin to a rejuvenating facial.  In the long run it will all be worth that extra 5 minutes in the bathroom.