Rosacea is a chronic congestion primarily on the cheeks and nose.  The condition is characterized by redness, dilation of blood vessels, and in severe cases papules and pustules can form.  Many people are unaware that they have rosacea.  The cause of rosacea is unfortunately unknown, it is not contagious and has no cure but there are treatments to help sooth the condition.  

Rosacea makes the skin extremely sensitive.  Alcohol, spicy foods, caffeine, exposure to temperature extremes, heat, sun and stress can aggravate rosacea.  Rosacea could start as redness on the nose and if not treated or aggravated can spread to the checks and rest of the face.  Rosacea can make your skin feel as if it having an “allergic reaction” with redness and burning to certain cosmetic products but it is just irritation of the condition.  It is important to see a skin care professional to be diagnosed and treat the condition.  

Esthetic procedures during a facial can help sooth roscea, certain masques that contain ingredients to calm the skin can prevent flair ups.  Topical agents can be prescribed to treat rosacea such as metronidazol, sulfacetamide, tetracyclin and minocycline. Laser treatments have shown remarkable results to improve facial flushing and erythema by targeting dilated blood vessels causing their atrophy and removal. This procedure should be done in a series of treatments and typically does not take long to perform.  LED light therapy has also proven somewhat beneficial for rosacea, especially when it comes to gentle healing and decreasing inflammation.  If you suffer from rosacea it is very important that your everyday skincare regimen and cosmetics are gentle for sensitive skin and do not forget your SPF!