Our skin goes through changes as we age because of shifts in our hormone balance.  Estrogen is the hormone that is vital to good health and appearance of female skin.  It is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, a factor in tissue repair and responsible for maintaining health in body functions such as coordination, balance, moisture, vision, bone loss, skin, and even the nervous system.  As estrogen depletes, fibroblasts (the cells found in connective tissues: collagen and elastin) are fewer and skin begins to lose its tone.  

Regular facial treatments and procedures help promote elastin and collagen production.

At home tips: According to www.101beautysalon.com

1. Rich moisturizers are great for maturing skin, but if you start to break out in spots, your moisturizer is too rich. Alternate with a lighter brand.

2. Don't stop skincare at your chin - your neck gives away your age faster than your face ever can. Ditto your hands - always rub a little of whatever you're using on your face on those too.

3. Use a special eye cream daily; eyes are the first place to show ageing and need specialist treatment.

4. Never drag the skin while removing make-up or putting on moisturizer. When the skin is already under threat from ageing, pulling or folding the skin adds to the pressure. Do everything lightly.

5. Boost your intake of antioxidant vitamins by aiming for seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day. These not only help fight ageing, but also help your skin to create its own sun protection, which will fight any UV rays that get through your sunscreen.