You’ve heard it all before, “Don’t smoke, it’s bad for you” but let’s go over a few important facts about why smoking is bad for your skin.  

When you smoke, it does something known as “choking” the skin.  It reduces the blood vessels therefore reducing the blood flow to the skin.  Without proper blood flow to the skin it is unable to get enough oxygen, which is necessary for cell regeneration and the process of battling free radicals.  Toxins aren’t fought off and aging is then accelerated.  This process happens whether or not you smoke one cigarette or a pack-a-day. 

Skin is kept tight from the connective tissue collagen and elastin.  When collagen and elastin deplete the skin becomes loose or sags.  Smoking steals vitamin C from the skin, which is needed for the production of collagen and keeps your skin revitalized.  

When a smoker puffs on a cigarette it forces the lips to pucker and make lines around the mouth over and over, the same idea as your crows feet around your eyes when you smile.  This redundant process of contractions creates permanent wrinkles.  These lines are sometimes the first indication that the person is a smoker. 

Finally, smoking slows the skins regenerate process.  Cuts and abrasions take longer to heal and scars are more likely to form.  If a smoker has any blemishes or skin care problems the heal time may take longer than the average non-smoker.  If you care about your skin or what your skin will be like years from now, quitting smoking should be the first treatment you do.  

AuthorOscar Bueno