Modern women often have the challenge of maintaining the intricacies of life from family, to career, to taking care of ourselves. Many women complain about not having enough time to move from world-to-world with more ease. A quick tip we would love to share with you is how to flip your lids, eyelids that is, shifting your eye makeup throughout your busy day from office to evening. Julia Child, American Chef, Author and Television personality, once said, “Drama is very important in life: You have to come on with a bang. You never want to go out with a whimper. Everything can have drama if it's done right. Even a pancake.” Life is already full of drama. We can help you make a dramatic entrance into all of your engagements with ease. If you don’t have time to rush back home between work and evening events, just a few quick changes to your eye makeup can create just the fun shift you need.

Tips for “Office Eyes”

Professional women love to take care of themselves for the office and yet still be appropriate for the environment in which they work. The tips here suggest moving into the neutral zone when creating your office look for the day. InStyle magazine recommends using a lighter shade of pink, shades of almond or light rust color or one of the beige palettes around on your eyelids during the day. You can layer the different neutrals starting with the lightest color over the entire eye lid. You can then blend in a deeper shade of the neutral color to the lower eyelid. Finish the office look with a deep neutral brown eyeliner with some clear mascara to lengthen the eyelashes.

Make the transition from Office to Evening

Transitioning your look from day to evening is quite simple and yet dramatic at the same time. Because any of the darker shades of eyeshadow will compliment neutral tones, you can choose a darker shade that appeals both to you and with what you are already wearing. Choose a color that compliments you, picking two shades, one lighter and one darker, within the same family.

For example, you already have your base neutral eye foundation. Now choose an eyeshadow color you enjoy and pick two shades from the same palette. If you like shades of blue, you may choose L’Oreal’s “Infallible Endless Sea” eyeshadow and L’Oreal’s “Turquoise” shade. Next, apply the lighter shade of “Endless Sea” to the inner crease of your eyes as a highlight gently blending in with the neutral tones already present. Then, add the darker shade of blue, “Turquoise,” to the lower lid and outer edge of your eyes.

To highlight the dramatic effect around your eyes, add a deep shade of brown or midnight shade of mascara to your upper eyelids. Then bring an edge to your look with a hint of deep eyeliner to the outside edge of your upper eyelid.

With these simple but dramatic changes, enjoy your evening as much as you enjoy your day without the fuss. Enjoy!