Last week we shared with you about dry, brittle hair. If on the other hand, you have problems with oily hair, we will be discussing possible causes along with a DIY Do-It-Yourself home remedy.

Where does the oil come from?

Oily hair actually begins at the scalp. Under the skin of the scalp resides oil glands that keep our scalps moist as well as keeping us warm by preventing moisture from leaving our bodies too quickly. If too much oil, sebum, is produced the hair follicle absorbs the oil and creates an oily sheen to the rest of the hair’s surface.

What are some possible causes and solutions for oily hair?

  • Horomonal Changes - Shifts and changes in our bodies’ hormones during puberty, pregnancy and menopause can create an environment physically where more oil in the sebaceous glands is produced. Knowing whether hormone imbalances are one of your possible culprits requires a visit to your naturopath or primary care physician. This is a good step to find out how your body is changing and what you can do to best support it during these changes. 
  • Use of Brush or Comb - Over using a comb or brush can lead to an increase in oily hair. The bristles or combs of the brush pick up the oil produced by the scalp and can spread it through the rest of the hair contributing to oil running the length of the hair rather than just at the root where it sits at the base of the scalp. A detangling brush is best in this situation because it is gentler and less likely to spread the oil from your scalp after washing your hair. 
  • Frequency of Washing - Women who do not wash their hair as frequently can sometimes get a buildup of oil over time. With dry, brittle hair it was recommended to wash less frequently so as not to reduce the natural oils in the scalp. In contrast, with women who have oily hair, it is best to shampoo and condition more frequently to prevent the oils from staying too long. Earth Science manufactures a wonderful shampoo called “Citrus Shampoo for Oily/Fine Hair” that gently removes residue without harsh chemicals. It works with the pH of our bodies and bringing the hair back into an alkaline state. 
  • Diet - The foods that we eat have an impact on our physical bodies many times. Eating a balanced diet is the most beneficial to keep our pH levels balanced. To keep oil levels lowered if you have trouble with too much oil production, a diet high in greens like spinach, kale, chard and dandelion greens can be helpful. Eating too many foods that are fried or oily tend to increase oil levels in our face and scalp. 

In our next blog we will share a DIY Do-It-Yourself home remedy for oily hair. It is quick, easy and healthy. Stay tuned!