From the color of the clothes we wear, to the paint we choose to paint our nails, to the color of our shoes, to how we create our image through colorful makeup, color is not only a way to bring life to ourselves and those around us, but these colors also have a life of their own. Colorful creations we dress ourselves with are also colors that can be found in nature as well. These colors and patterns all have a meaning, an attraction, an energy that emanates from it. Sometimes we choose different colors depending on how we are feeling, and other times we choose colors to bring to life a certain energy we want to put forward into the world. To learn more about yourself, start mindfully paying attention to colors you are attracted to and discover the deeper meaning this might hold. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular colors found in nature, clothing, cosmetics and discover their deeper, funner meaning.

RED: Red is a warm vibrant color. It speaks of confidence, passion, leadership and a trust in one’s own abilities. Because it is often associated as a passionate shade, Red has the power to invigorate and create a sense of hunger.

BLUE: Blue is the color of tranquility and well-being. Representing a trust in life, Blue allows us the ability of being able to use our individual voice to communicate what we need to help ourselves and others. People often love to look at a blue sky or clear blue water to help themselves relax, be calm and surround themselves with others who enjoy this calmness.

ORANGE & YELLOW: Orange and Yellow are uplifting, motivating, charismatic, playful and cheerful. The image that best emulates these two colors is the wonderful smell of citrus on a warm Summer’s day. This smell is enlivening and often brings a smile to us. Use Orange and/or Yellow when you feel a need to be more spontaneous.

PURPLE: Imagination! Inspiration! Purple often appears around people who are deeply connected to the meaning their lives have in the world around themselves. It is color of compassion, grace and sensitivity. When you want to connect to your life’s work, bring Purple into your color scheme. PINK: Pink is a combination of the colors White and Red. It combines the purity and unconditional love of White with the passion and power of Red. There is a quality of softness that pink projects about the sacredness of the feminine self. When you want to both give and receive Hope, Pink is the color for you.

BLACK: An air of mystery surrounds Black. It can hide things that are not yet ready to be revealed. Black is a great way of providing protection for yourself when you want your communication with certain individuals to be limited. Black is a wonderful color to use when you are beginning to grow new things in your life as well. Without darkness in the soil, many seeds wouldn’t be able to grow.

Enjoy exploring the dimensions of all the colors of the Rainbow in your environment, wardrobe and makeup bag.