To create a well-balanced body and mind, many people use the popular method of Hatha Yoga. In Sanskrit, “Ha” is translated as Sun, and “Tha” is translated as Moon. Yoga is the given meaning of binding or creating union. Together Hatha Yoga is about uniting the sun and moon within ourselves or finding the balance between the dynamic qualities of ourselves.

As a physical activity, Hatha Yoga weaves together a series of poses. These poses are referred to as “asanas” within the yogic practice. The poses or asanas have the rewarding physical nature of building strength in our muscles and achieving a solid core foundation from which to stand. The asanas are meant to challenge us into new areas in our practice as well as our lives.

There are quite a variety of Hatha Yoga practices that range from fairly easy to moderate all the way to invigorating and advanced. All poses can be adapted and adjusted according to each individual and what his/her body is able to achieve. It is important to try a variety of different instructors to see who fits well with your learning style and personality.

In addition to strength and flexibility, Hatha Yoga incorporates breath work known as “pranayama” to stimulate a high level of oxygen into the body and teaching students how to flow with their breath. Prana is the life force that runs through the body.

Although Hatha Yoga may not be for everyone, it is worth giving it a try and open yourself to new experiences. This type of yoga not only brings strength, flexibility and elevated breath work, it also works to bring rewarding to students allowing personal transformation. Hatha Yoga brings focus and attention to oneself during practice. This specific attention or focus is referred to as “drishti” in Sanskrit, also known as, perception.

If you would love to give Yoga a try, Yuma has an excellent studio called Serenity Yoga. All of the instructors are wonderful and a variety of levels of Yoga classes are available depending on where you are at in your practice. You will be pleased with the results in your physical, mental and emotional body!