Fall fashion trends leap into the Age of Technology! Designers are beginning to spread their creative wings and bring forward their artistry through digital printing on fabrics. Digital fabrics bring a modern artistry to more contemporary trends. This allows consumers and fashionistas to express themselves through their fashion. This can create an image of body art without the permanence of a tattoo.


Danielle Locastro, Director of Operations in New York for the company First2Print talks about how this new trend is an advantage to both designers and consumers allowing for more self-expression in a way that hasn’t been available for print artists in the past.

Digital fabric printers specialize in small runs of fabric from three to three hundred yards at a time. The volume is much lower than in mass market designs. Previously, screening process was used to place designs on fabric and one screen was needed per color. Only 8 different colors could be placed within a single design. With digital technology, fashion designers are able to work with an unlimited palette of colors and ideas, mixing and matching as desired.

Fashionista, Elie Tahari, and Designer, Michael Angel are making use of this technological artistry in their Fall Fashion lines. We highly recommend checking out their designs on their websites that highlight the fantastic prints currently available. Even adding one piece to your wardrobe brings in a whimsical element of surprise that is a conversation starter.

Playing with prints can be a fun project for consumers. Combining a digital print top with a solid colored skirt or pant creates a wonderful business outfit during the day. While a full print dress or solid blouse with a print skirt combine to create a night-on-the-town look that makes a bold statement. This is definitely a way to bring spice and color to your everyday wardrobe. The images in printing range from abstract art, paint splatter technique, to printed photographs. Expressing yourself never felt so fun!