Are you overwhelmed

with skin care products?  Have you been using your bar soap and a moisturizer?  Do you not understand why you need facial skin care products?

Here is two part explanation

about the basic products that dramatically benefit your skin.

Facial skin care products can be grouped into these five main categories:





Treatment creams and moisturizers

In this first blog I will explain more about cleansers, toners, and exfoliants.


come in several forms;

face wash, cleansing lotions and cleansing cream.

*It is advised that a cleanser is used instead of soap because soap is quite alkaline, can leave a film and cause


Face wash

- is a detergent-type foaming cleanser that could have normal or slightly

acidic pH. This cleanser is best used on oily or combination skin.

A cleansing " lotion"

- is a water-based emulsion type cleanser that is best used for dry skin. It contains more oils or

emollients than the other two cleansers.

Cleansing cream

-  is an oil-based emulsion used to dissolve makeup and dirt. Cleansing cream is best used on dry and mature skin.

Remember to cleanse your skin twice a day!

Benefits of cleansers are:

Remove makeup, dirt and other environmental impurities

Soften the skin

Contain ingredients to counteract various skin problems


are sometimes also known as a freshener or astringent.

They are all the same type of product but have different proportions of alcohol to set them apart.


have the lowest amount of alcohol,


a medium amount then


contain the most amount of alcohol.

These products should be used after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Benefits of Toners are:

Restore the skin’s natural pH after cleansing

Temporary tightening effect of both the skin and follicle openings

Remove residue left behind by cleansers

Contain ingredients to help certain skin conditions


are products or procedures that remove the outer layer of the skin. Daily exfoliants

can be beneficial in your regular skin care regimen and an exfoliant of some type should be used

once a week.

Benefits of Exfoliants:

Help clear oily, clogged skin with blackheads, whiteheads, and minor acne breakouts

Benefit dry or dehydrated skin with cell build-up, flaking, and a tight, dry surface by removing all dry dullness!

Counteracts dull, lifeless-looking skin

Creates a faster cell turnover rate, bringing cells to the surface more rapidly

Improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture

Stimulates blood flow

Next Blog: Masks and Moisturizers!

-Author: Jamie Jeraminas