are beneficial for weekly usage and different masks can be used to treat

current conditions such as dry skin caused by weather changes or a different mask used for

environmentally caused oily skin.

Benefits of Masks:

Draws impurities out of the pores

Clear impurities

Tighten and tone skin

Nourish skin

Hydrate skin

Calm and soothe skin

Rejuvenate the skin

Moisturizers and treatment creams

are used to nourish and moisturize the skin. Treatment

creams come in a heavier consistency and texture than moisturizers and contain more

ingredients. Treatment creams are best used at night and moisturizers during the day along with

sunscreen. Use a moisturizer to hydrate and balance the oil/water moisture content of the skin.

Benefits of moisturizers and treatment creams:

Retain water within the surface layers of skin

Nourish the skin

Treats acne-prone, dry and mature skin

Taking care of your skin does not have to be complicated or confusing.

Using these five

categories from these 2 blogs, you can easily identify products that can protect, repair and nourish your skin providing a significant difference in its heath and appearance.

-Author: Jamie Jeraminas

AuthorOscar Bueno