Have you been struggling with sticking to your healthy eating agenda?

It could be some minor habits that just need a little adjusting to make all the difference.

Skipping Meals

- Do not skip meals, eating every 3-4 hours will keep your body running steady with minimal dips in blood sugar levels, and keep your metabolism strong and steady. Avoid skipping meals by keeping a few snack items with you at all times, in case of emergencies.  Some great snacks include, fresh fruits and veggies, almonds or pistachios, health food bars, and protein bars

Office Temptations

- This one can be killer. Is someone always bringing baked goods, candies, and fattening foods into your office? Beat the crowd and bring in your own healthy snack options, announce to your co-workers you brought healthy snacks and keep them stocked in the fridge, so that you always have a healthy option to turn to when you get the afternoon boredom munchies.

Not Seeking Nutritional Advise -

You might be surprised by this one, but nutritional advise from a professional can go a long way and really help you hone in on what dietary needs you have. Small tweaks to your eating habits can make a big difference. Also doing research on line about nutrition can be very helpful as well. Becoming educated in the topic you are trying to master is ideal and applicable in any situation.

Drinking Soda and Eating Candy -

Cutting back on refined sugars will really make a difference in you body composition. Cut the habit by cutting it out, and the cravings for sweets will go away. Choose a healthier option like fruits and veggies.  Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and before you know it, that sweet tooth of yours will disappear.