If keeping your waist line slim isn't enough reason to cut out sugars, studies show that sugars can age the skin and even cause wrinkles.

Here are 4 GREAT reasons to cut down on the sugar.

1.  Sugar ages your skin. It binds to proteins in your cells and collagen in your skin.  Consuming sugar increases the  growth of free radicals and inflammation, which makes it harder for your cells to renew, causing fine lines and eventually wrinkles.

2.  Sugar makes you gain weight faster than eating fatty foods. the rush of glucose to the blood stream spikes glucose levels and then drops them quickly like a bad habit. This rollercoaster effect affects hunger signals and increases the likelihood that you will not burn all the calories in the sugary product you ate before it gets thru your system, causing you to store the extra energy as fat!

3.  Its never too late to stop the sugar habit. Your body will thank you, and you can rebuild those lose collagen fibers by using retinoid products that promote growth of collagen and elastin.

4.  Consuming high amounts of sugar is straining to your pancreas and can eventually lead to diabetes.

Alternative uses for sugar:

Body scrub- great for exfoliation and removing oils and dirt from the skin.

Make cut flowers last longer by adding a tablespoon to your vase of water.

Keep a campfire going by throwing in some sugar.